Beverly Hills officials disgrace La Scala for dinner at “Speakeasy” – deadline

Beverly Hills officials disgrace La Scala for dinner at "Speakeasy" - deadline

Beverly Hills an Italian Restaurant, No Scala, Has been criticized for promoting an infringing “modern” indoor dining experience Corona Virus Safety measures.

City officials denounced the restaurant after customers received paper clippings in their orders ready to announce the New Year’s Eve event. Beverly Hills officials contacted the restaurant directly as the ‘talkeasy’ announcement violated the city’s coronavirus safety protocols.

“We understand that this is a very difficult time for all of our businesses,” said Keith Sterling, Beverly Hills Public Information Officer.

The Beverly Hills Police Department is also aware of the restaurant’s plans.

The La Scala calls, sent as Los Angeles County continues to see a spike in new Covid-19 cases, related deaths and hospitalizations, likens the coronavirus pandemic to a ban on twenty.

We are considering booking a New Year’s Eve dinner. Inside, “the secret invitation says.” If you are interested in this, please let us know as soon as possible. If there is sufficient interest, we will contact you again to secure the reservation. “

To adhere to a tone of secrecy and subtle rebellion, La Scala’s invitation ends with, “Please keep this secret, but tell all your friends.”

City News Service Contribute to this report.

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