Okung’s book “Pay Me Bitcoin” became a reality with Strike – Bitcoin magazine

Okung's book "Pay Me Bitcoin" became a reality with Strike - Bitcoin magazine

On Tuesday, NFL Russell Okong stepped in and hit Advertise a partnership You’ll pay off a large chunk of Okung’s NFL’s $ 13 million coin.

Last May, Okung pressured past and current NFL teams to pay him in Bitcoin. After reaching strike Founder Jack Mallers And working with the Carolina Panthers front office, this is now a reality.

Okung said Bitcoin Magazine Last September That in a meeting with Ed McGuire, Executive Vice President of Football and Player Finance at Charger, he drew blank looks at the introduction of Bitcoin. “I asked if they could pay me in bitcoin,” he recalls. With that sober face he looked at me and said, ‘What the hell is Bitcoin? “

With this announcement, Okung becomes the first professional athlete to receive bitcoin as payment for his work on the field.

For Okung, it’s all about restoring power. By paying in bitcoin, he is now able to regain “the power we really have”. He also devotes his time and energy to it Bitcoin Is_, And it is a project that aims to “meet people wherever they are and unpack Bitcoin in a really simple way,” as he described it Bitcoin Magazine.

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Mallers shared with us that many NBA, MLB and NFL athletes are on board for Bitcoin cash and have even been contacted by several Billboard Top 500 artists about getting a portion of their Bitcoin pay.

This announcement bypasses Ross and his team. Today Strike is offering early access to users to solve this payday at payday.strike.me.

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